Women Cell

Women Cell Information
There are two parts of Women Cell:

1)      Women Harassment Cell

The aim of Women Harassment cell, GEC, Bhuj is to provide safe environment to the female staff and students. The motive of this cell is to create awareness amongst students about the problems of faced by women of all strata due to gender issues, and to provide opportunities to girl students and women to participate in and interact at conferences and seminars related to gender justice, Personal security and dignity.  And to disseminate knowledge about rights and laws related women harassment and thus to create an environment that is free from gender discrimination and sexual harassment of all forms of exploitation.

In-Charge:  Prof. M.K Gosai

Supporting Staff:    Prof. A.M. Budhdhabhatti

                               Prof. Y.N. Mansuri

                               Mrs. S. V. Raamani


2) Women Development Cell

The aim of women development cell, GEC Bhuj is to provide a platform to the students where they can cultivate their sense of independence. The cell actively works to create a sense of responsibility in the students and have a healthy study and work culture in college by organizing seminars, workshops and awareness lectures. Thus, to enhance the self-esteem and self-confidence of students, women faculty of college.

In-Charge: Prof. K.A. Sonagra

Supporting Staff:  Prof. Y.N. Mansuri

     Prof. A.M. Budhdhabhatti